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Last April we took part in the Shakespeare Birthday Celebration 2012 in Stratford-upon-Avon. This year Colegio Hernández group was represented by all sectors of the Educational Community (teachers, members of Parent Association and students). We were honoured as guests of the Stratford Town Hall at the Civic Reception on Saturday 21st April and at the Civic Breakfast Reception on Sunday 22nd April.
This is the year of World Shakespeare Festival and there are planned activities throughout the year in Stratford and in most cities in the UK and around the world. Our group participated in the procession that took place on Saturday April 21 and came from Henley Street, from the door of the house where Shakespeare was born and now is home to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and went on a parade through the streets of Stratford to end at the Holly Trinity Church with an offering. We unfurled the Spanish flag with the other delegations of embassies to start the celebrations. This year there was a large international representation, highlighting groups from China and Iraq. On Sunday, the mayor of Stratford invited our group to participate in the Civic Breakfast Reception at City Hall, where we handed a gift of our visit that will be shown in the Mayor's Parlour of the City of Stratford. Together with representatives of embassies (China's Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the Cultural Attaché of the Russian Embassy) we attended the ceremony at Holy Trinity Church and the Shakespeare Sermon by Rabbi Julia Neuberger of the West London Synagogue.
The Multilingual Workshops at Colegio Hernandez developed by the British teacher Barbara Gentles and the subsequent project "Shakesperience" led us to Stratford and hopefully  our experience of Shakespeare will continue and will enable our students to deepen their knowledge of the English Literature in the cradle of its culture.


On 26th May our students were awarded in Alcoy with the Sambori Award, the most important award for works in Valencià.

Congratulations to our Infant 3 Class and to their teacher Mari Carmen and to Marc Gonzalez Elementary from 3rd Year Primary3rd grade.

Congratulations to all!



Students of Colegio Hernández5TH  Year Primary, together with their teachers, took part in a Comenius European Football Nation Tournament held in the town of Coalisland in Northern Ireland from 22nd to 26th May. Primate Dixon Primary School has been a great host and together with other students of the  partner schools of our Comenius Multilateral Partnership "Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body" have shared unforgettable moments. Our students have lived together for five days with students from Northern Ireland (Primate Dixon Primary School), Germany (Volksschule Unterwoessen) and Poland (Szkola Podstawowa im rtm. Witold Pileckiego).

The days have been full of activities and emotions. We participated in the "School Assembly Human Rights Council" with the Commisioner for Children and Young People in Northern Ireland Ms. Patricia Mooney-Lewsley, in "All Our Cultures Day" where there was a sample of regional costumes, dances and folk music, a barbecue with  students  and parents of the Educational Community of Primate Dixon Primary School and the "Comenius Tasting Day" with a taste of every country and  activities our own sports association.

This visit also gave us the opportunity to learn more of the country of our coordinators and all together we visited The Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast, the town where this famous ship was created, and The Giant 's Causeway on the north coast.

It has been certainly an unforgettable experience for all and we will always retain in our eyes magic moments like the one in which 500 students of Primate Dixon Primary School, students from Germany and Poland together helped us to sing in Valencià (our mother tongue)"The masereta " with our dear singer  Dani Miquel . Showing once again that different cultures and languages ​​are no barrier at all to making friends.

All students agree that it has been one of the best experiences on their lives and it has been fantastic to loved  finally come face to face with the European students who have worked together for two years. They have found out that they have many things in common and that the affinities between people are above languages ​​and nationalities. We have also enjoyed the wonderful scenery of the "Emerald Island", we have come into contact with other cultures and we have been able to use the English language outside the classroom with real communicative situations. But at the farewell everyone without no exception at all, couldn’t help crying because it was the last activity of our partnership.

This trip has been the result of a project that started with high hopes in September 2010 and for two years it has made made the whole educational communities at our schools (students , teachers and families) become involved and participate. We have also learned many things from our partners and we've also been in touch with different educational realities through Comenius visits to each of the partner schools, where the teachers participating in the project have planned and assessed the activities undertaken.

Comenius was been a great opportunity for all and a door to the future. We have been able to spread the minoritary sports such as Pilota Valenciana, create a sports dictionary in six languages ​​including Valencia, the videos "The Mystery of the Stars" and "A Day at our Comenius School" and the Video Comenius Week 2011 which was awarded with the second prize by the Ministry of Education and Science.

We believe that we have achieved the objectives set at the beginning of our Comenius Multilateral Partnership, among which are:



Moreover, we have presented images and messages that promote active and cooperative play. We have shared information on sports, games, … through videos, photographs, etc.. and we have learnt to play Ringo, Gaelic Football, Hurling and Pilota Valenciana.

We would like to thank all those who have made this wonderful adventure possible and that certainly the Educational Community of Colegio Hernandez will never forget.


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