Amnesty International Workshop at Colegio Hernández

On Thursday 27, the NGO Amnesty International gave a workshop for 1st and 3rd year ESO students. The theme was immigration and the situations faced by displaced people and refugees. The objective of these workshops is to make the students to know and reflect on the rights of migrants and refugees in the world and also promote values such as tolerance, respect, solidarity and

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The Junior Ambassadors of Colegio Hernández had the opportunity to learn about all the mobility advantages that the European Union offers them for their academic and professional future. Thanks to Europe Direct Comunitat Valenciana and Jose M. Ferrer Carrasco for advising us on the resources on mobility issues that Europe offers us and for encouraging students to actively participate in all these initiatives.

Europa News

Colegio Hernández wants to share two very creative activities carried out to celebrate Europe Day. The fifth grade class of primary education has carried out a project called “Europa News” to make the EU known to the entire educational community in a fun way. The third year primary school students have also carried out the “Cooking for Europe” project, where each “chef” cooked with

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A walk to know Europe

On Friday, May 7, the Hernández School celebrated Europe Day. As junior ambassadors of the European Parliament, the 4th ESO students together with their families and teachers organized activities throughout the week on what it means to belong to Europe. Among other activities, our ambassadors explained to the infant and primary school students the most outstanding characteristics of each country, such as monuments, gastronomy

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Europe day 2021

Colegio Hernández celebrated Europe Day with various activities aimed at instilling European values in the school’s students. It also makes them aware and appreciates the influence that the EU plays in their daily lives and the importance, in the future, of being active European citizens. All stages from early childhood education, primary to secondary education together with the teachers, participated and enjoyed a festive

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