RECOGNITION FOR QUALITY 2015 “Europe: European Educational Associations, present and future”

The Hernandez School as part of the Comenius Alliance of Associations of Valencia and Murcia has been awarded by SEPIE (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport) with a Recognition of Quality. In total, 13 awards were presented and our team deserved one, particularly given the sector projects in School Education. Our expertise has been recognized by SEPIE with these words: “Initiatives such network become

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Autumn Snack

As every year we celebrate “The autumn snack”, where we enjoy eating all together some typical fruit of this season. So we share more experience with our colleagues and encourage healthy eating habits.

Extraordinary awards in primary

Congratulations Carles Borja Ordiñana & Damian Martí Copoví!


Last Friday in October we celebrated the Portfolio Halloween!!!

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Vote for our European Day of Languages event

You can vote for our European Day of Languages event in the official website.

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