The last audiovisual work of Colegio Hernádez is awarded at the MICE

Last Saturday, October 23th, the International Exhibition of Educational Cinema (MICE) awards ceremony was held in Alzira.
… i també la vida, the latest audiovisual work of the Cinematics project at Hernandez School, has been awarded in the RQRQR section of the contest. The short is a film adapatation of a story that participated in the 2009 edition of Sambori Awards. As in previous works, the story focuses on the problems that teenagers face and their personal relationships with their immediate surroundings.

The school wanted to establish a starting point for the awareness and prevention of youth suicide within the school environmnet. On this matter, in order to complete this learning experience and to offer one more resource to the educational community, the school is working on a complementary educational guide, whichh will be presented soon.



  • 27 October, 2021
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