Colegio Hernández, Champion of the “Programa Pilota a l’Escola Secundària”

The 4th ESO students of Colegio Hernández have been champion of the “Programa Pilota a l’Escola”.

In turn, the 2nd ESO team has been ranked third in the 1st cycle.

The final series of this “Programa Pilota a l’Escola”, in which 16 teams from different schools throughout the Valencian Community have participated, were held in Ontinyent this Friday, May 28.

It is worth noting the fact that the current 4th ESO team was also proclaimed champion in the past 2018 and 2019 editions (in the 2020 edition they did not participate due to the COVID-19 pandemic). In this way, our 4th ESO team becomes the first team to win three editions in a row.

This program shows the benefits of sport in general, and of the Valencian ball in particular, and that they go far beyond physical development. Sport improves socialization, brings people together and bridges different backgrounds and personalities.

Colegio Hernández is aware of this potential of the sport and makes a program so deeply rooted in our school, a sign of identity with which to actively contribute to keeping the Valencian ball alive as part of our cultural heritage.

In a pandemic situation like the one we are experiencing, the universal values of sport are more necessary than ever to train healthy, active and committed young people.

Congratulations to all the participating students!!!