A walk to know Europe

On Friday, May 7, the Hernández School celebrated Europe Day. As junior ambassadors of the European Parliament, the 4th ESO students together with their families and teachers organized activities throughout the week on what it means to belong to Europe.

Among other activities, our ambassadors explained to the infant and primary school students the most outstanding characteristics of each country, such as monuments, gastronomy and geography. Likewise, the infant students enjoyed a play based on the typical legends of the different countries of Europe.

On the other hand, all the courses carried out activities with the same theme: flipbooks, videos, “passapalabra” donut, recipes of the most popular meals, poems dedicated to the EU, crosswords or drawings of prominent places in Europe.

In conclusion, the School Band of the center delighted us with the hymn of joy along with a few words about the celebration of Europe Day on May 9.

All these activities are part of the European Parliament’s ambassador schools program. The students have worked in an interdisciplinary and cooperative way, above all they have become aware of what it means to be part of Europe and of the coexistence between different countries.