Erasmus + against addiction to social networks

Over the past week the fourth mobility of the Erasmus + KA201 Social Media Addiction project, Social Life’s Extinction took place in our town. An initiative coordinated by the National Ministry of Education in the Province of Kahramanmaraş (Turkey), which has the participation of the Hernández School, the Commonwealth of the Alta Ribera and the 36.6 Competence center of the Polish city of Lodz.

The development of new technologies has introduced a new means of communication in the 21st century: social networks. These are technological platforms that facilitate the creation and exchange of information, ideas, professional interests and many other forms of expression through virtual communities. Its use has spread rapidly, becoming one of the main media. The time spent on social networks grows daily and we are now presented with a new social, physical and psychological problem, under the concept of addiction to social networks.

The project team had the opportunity to visit the recently renovated facilities of the City Council to deal with the topic with Òscar Noguera, mayor of the town. A very fruitful meeting was held, where the foundations for future collaborations in International Education Projects between the institutions were established.

The next mobility will be in Turkey, where it will continue to work with the objective of publicizing the harmful effects of this new addiction. The basic approach will be the protection of young people using active methodologies, through the organization of so-called “off-line activities”, which will keep students and their families away from electronic devices for a few hours a day.