Our children visit the exhibition del ninot!!!

And our student Carla Pons Romero (2nd primary) won with his drawing 🙂

Hernández School in Italy

Mariola Hernández participa a la jornada “El Español en el Curriculo Plurilingüe” organitzada per LEND al Liceo Copernico de Bologna amb la ponència: Los proyectos europeos como eje transformador, socializador y globalizador del centro”.

We’re in Pilotaveu website!

Hernández School shares with PILOTAVEU multilingual materials made in Multilateral Comenius Association “mens sana in corpore sano. A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body. ”   Click here!

The circus has come!!!

Day of the tree 2016

On Wednesday January 27th at the Hernández School celebrate the “Day of the tree”. The 6th grade students were the ” Terré Roig ” (near the Font Amarga ) collaborating on an activity subsidized Ex. City of our town , where they planted many trees (pines , oaks … ) , in order to reforest this area of outstanding natural beauty and sensitize our

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