Pollokshields primary School in Glasgow learns how to play Valencian ball with Colegio Hernández

On the occasion of the “Living to learn, learning to live” project of the Erasmus + Bilateral KA229 program, the 5th grade students of the Hernández School traveled from March 8 to 13 to the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

During their stay at the multi-adventure center “Auchegillan” in Glasgow, the 19 students who participated in the project shared language, culture and experiences with the students of the “Pollokshields Primary School” in Glasgow. But if there was an element of the Valencians that captivated both Scottish teachers and students, it was the Valencian ball.

The handball is a link between many countries in the world, since each one practices its own modality with its particular characteristics, although between them they keep many similarities that make the sport of ball a universal language. On this occasion, five teacher from Colegio Hernández and the pelotari and teacher Ricard Sentandreu, who was invited to collaborate in this event, introduced the Scots to the sport of Valencian ball.

First, they screened the Pilota Valenciana video. Pilota Valenciana. Guia per a despistats -dubbed in English by students of the Hernández School- in order to familiarize themselves with its characteristics and modes of play, the material used, and all those aspects that make ball more tan a sport .

Next, they were taught to roll their hands and make their own gloves. In addition, they were also able to learn about the handball modality practiced in Scotland, the “Rugby Fives”, which has many similarities with some form of Valencian ball such as the frontó or the frare.

Finally, the most expected part arrived, after a demonstration of the raspall modality by our teachers, the Scottish youngsters were able to practice and play some matches for a long time. Thanks to the material that Hernández School left as a gift in Scottish lands, the students of the “Pollokshields Primary School” in Glasgow will be able to continue practicing Valencian ball, as we have seen in the videos and images that they have recently sent us; and we are already lookingforward to the next meeting -this time in Valencian lands- to play in the ratchet.

This has been a very gratifying experience for all the parties involved in the project, and a great reason for joy for Colegio Hernández when verifying that the objectives of this mobility have been successfully achieved.