The Hernández School, in the European Parliament for the second time in a row

Colegio Hernández Parlamento Europeo

Students of 4th ESO of the Hernández School travelled to Strasbourg last January to participate in a session of the Euroscola program at the headquarters of the European Parliament.

It has been the second time our studens have been given the chance of enjoying an unforgetable experience where they have worked side by side with students from 21 of the countries members of the European Union.

The day started with the reception of the Junior Ambassadors by the officials of Parliament and continued with the presentation speech by the spokespersons of each school. Inés González and Ilan Deprez were the ones in charge of introducing our school and our country to the rest of the participating students.

Afterwards, the working groups were formed with students of different nationalities; and, through cooperative work, they carried out activities and games related to the future of Europe, sustainability and employment. Other issues such as human rights, migrations or druggs and social networks addictions were raised.

Each group prepared the corresponding proposals, which were subsequently voted on by the rest of the students present in the Chamber, using the procedure used daily by our MEPs and MEPs in decision-making.

An unforgettable experience that allowed our youngsters to put themselves in the European politicians’ place and find out the need to take the initiative, becoming committed and active citizens of the European Unión.