Francesc Soler 2nd classified in the general cycling

The child of Castelló Francesc Soler López has been ranked second in the general classification of 2019 cycling in the province of Valencia in the ‘second year’ beginner category.

Francesc has made 16 races this season, being the first in five of them, in the Énova, Castellar, Beniopa, Pinedo, Ribarroja and Picanya climbed to the top of the podium, then in second place he has remained in 7 populations more between which is Castellón and the remaining three was the third, these good results have led him to finish the season in the second place of the classification.

These competitions are denominated Sport Games with the aim of adapting the competitive phenomenon serving like complement to the own sport activity that develop the young people in scholastic age and taking into account the formative values ​​and constructors of the personality that they have to consider in these ages.

In the organization of the Sports Games of the Valencian Community, the Sports Councils and Federations collaborate in their respective fields of action and competencies.

We just have to congratulate Francesc and encourage him to continue with this sport that is passionate and surely are the first awards of a long list that awaits him.

Congratulations Francesc !!

  • 26 October, 2019
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