Celebrations of the Day of Europe at the Hernández School

Several concurrent activities took place on May 9 at Col·legi Hernández to celebrate Europe Day 2019. This date commemorates the anniversary of the Schuman declaration that, in his speech delivered in Paris in 1950, goes To expose the idea of a new form of political cooperation that made warlike conflicts unthinkable between the European nations. This proposal was considered the beginning of what we currently know as a European Union.

1. Official reception to the Valencian institutions

With the motto “Choose your future”, the Diputación de Valencia celebrated the Day of Europe with the students of the four ambassadors schools of the European Parliament of the province of Valencia.

The day began at Plaza Manises in Valencia and continued at the Plenary Hall of the corporation, where the president of the Diputación, Toni Gaspar, and the European Projects deputy, Bartolomé Nofuentes, welcomed the young people and could hear their European experiences in the various programs in which they participate: Erasmus +, Embajadoras Schools of the European Parliament, European Portfolio of Languages, eTwinning, etc.

Subsequently, the reception at the Palau de la Generalitat was held by Ximo Puig, President of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Vicent Marzà, Counselor for Education, Research, Culture and Sports. Puig praised the good policy of Europe in the face of those who “fear and want to raise new frontiers” and encouraged young people to become aware of the urgent challenges that Europe faces, such as climate change, nationalisms or the drama of immigration in the Mediterranean.

2. Students Ambassador to the Castelló Municipal Market

The junior ambassador student transferred the Infopoint of Ambassador School to the Municipal Market of the town. They made citizens aware of the importance of participation in the next European elections on May 26. The future of Europe is in our hands and we must build it together.

3. TVE emits the RAP “This time” on the occasion of the Day of Europe

This RAP, awarded to the European Parliament video competition, has become the hymn of the campaign #EstaVezVoto of the European Union, which has more than 250 thousand participants from all over Europe.

4. Women who built Europe.

The children and primary school students shared the “Women who built Europe” project and produced a Big Book with the lives of women who actively contributed to the formation of the European Union.