The story ‘The Green Bottle’ by Maragda Satorres wins the Sambori Award

The story ‘The Green Bottle’ by Maragda Satorres Penalva wins the Sambori Comarcal Prize of 1st cycle of primary school.

The story of a glass bottle that was not left in the appropriate recycling container, a girl who initially did not believe in the importance of recycling and that, thanks to her family, she realized that the environment needed her.

This is the story of the story of Maragda that has been awarded in the Sambori Prizes 2018-19.

This story is a reflection of the work carried out at the Hernández School in relation to the environment that is also included in the Healthy Life Seal.

We want to congratulate Maragda and his family.

  • 2 April, 2019
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