Cultural heritage and inclusion. Colegio Hernández – Erasmus + ‘Open to all’

The Hernández School participates in the John Paul II Primary School in Glasgow in the Erasmus + KA229 project “OPEN TO ALL: European Social Inclusion and Integration Partnership” (2018-2020). It is a bilateral project where students of 6th of primary and P7 have enjoyed the opportunity to visit both schools. Mobility has allowed us to discover part of a very diverse European cultural heritage, such as a rural rural town of La Ribera Alta and a cosmopolitan industrial city like Glasgow.

The fundamental objectives of this project are the social and educational value of European cultural heritage, social inclusion and the exchange of good innovative practices in the digital era. Cultural heritage has a universal value that surrounds us in our towns and cities, in natural landscapes and archaeological sites, in literature, in art, in music and in our stories. In addition, it allows us to discover our diversity and to initiate an intercultural dialogue about what unites us with the rest of the world. This project also works on minority languages as an essential condition for communication. We want you to realize that Europe is multilingual and that all of our languages help us communicate and express ourselves as a people.

Because it is an inclusive project, the teachers of the two centers have had the opportunity to develop their teaching skills and to experience the benefits of cooperative work with international partners.

Mobilities and the learning and training activities carried out so far have been:

Erasmus + will mark forever the lives of all participants. It will allow them to develop new abilities and understand different lifestyles from other European realities through immersion, both cultural and linguistic. The participation of the students in these programs favors the acquisition of foreign languages, as well as the improvement of their social and civic competence and the creation of strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood.